How I Grew 1 Inch Of Hair In ONE WEEK!

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… “She’s just taken some special tablet or pill.” πŸ™„ Nope. I kid you not, I have literally grown 1 INCH of hair in a week. 

For anyone that doesn’t know, our hair usually grows about half and inch (1cm) every MONTH. So to grow DOUBLE that in a quarter of the time is insane! πŸ˜‚ (I’m sure I’ve got the maths on that right…? Haha) 

So how did I do it?

It’s called The Inversion Method. You basically tip your head upside down and massage your scalp (with or without oil) for 5 minutes, every day for a week. You only do this one week in a month. Any more and your scalp will get used to it. 

It basically brings the blood to the hair follicles and SHOCKS them into growing. 

I started at 21 inches and here is my picture on Tuesday the 3rd of January.  

I then finished a week later Tuesday the 9th at 22 inches! 

So for anyone who has had a dodgey hair cut, or had a fringe put in and hates it, try this! I plan on doing this every month until I get Pocahontas hair πŸ™Š

PLEASE NOTE- If you have any of the following conditons, you should avoid inversion COMPLETELY: pregnancy, hernia, low or high blood pressure, recent stroke, heart or circulatory problems, glaucoma, conjunctivitis (β€œpink eye”), detached retina, spinal injury, swollen joints, osteoporosis, unhealed fractures or injuries, ear infection, obesity, or are otherwise unhealthy.


Charlie’s Wedding Make Up

“I want you to do my wedding make up when I get married!” my friend Charlie said 4 years ago. “Of course, I’d love to!” smiling I said. Little did I know that it would come round so soon.

I’ve been friends with Charlie since we first met at college back when we were like 17. That’s a good 13 years- wow. I’d seen her in relationships here and there, and when she met Mark, I just knew he was the one.

So the day finally came (5th of November) when she would become a wife. I was so so excited for her! I arrived at the hotel at 10:30 nice and early, only to be told she wasn’t there yet ha ha, eager beaver.

In the week’s leading up to the wedding we spoke on What’s App about what she wanted. She sent me pictures of lovely smokey eyes and I could imagine that on her gorgeous green eyes.

But when the day finally arrived, we spoke about it again and I advised her against a heavy grey/black eye as it would only close her eyes in pictures. We opted for warm browns to bring out the green and a pop of gold to compliment the yellow in her eyes.

With foundation, she wanted Estee Lauder Doublewear. This stayed in place all day and made her face look flawless.


I used Maybelline’s Eye Eraser for under the eye to brighten and get rid of any dark circles. I then set this with Laura Mercier powder in Translucent.

8842654023710 laura_mercier_translucent_loose_setting_powder_29g_1441966659

Warmed up her face with a bit of…… POUNDLAND bronzer! Yes, a Β£1 bronzer! It’s fab! A really good colour and wasn’t too glittery. Defo recommend it.


I then applied MAC’s Peaches blusher with some The Balm highlighter in Mary Lou Manizer. To sculpt her cheekbones (like this girl needed much help any ways lol, I used Sleek’s contour palette in Light.

0461Β  1527152index

She had previously been up to London to speak to the MAC girls about a nude lipstick and liner. They colour matched her with Honeylove lipstick (A gorgeous matte nude) and Boldly Bare lip liner. AMAZING COMBO!

mac-lipstick-honeyloveΒ  mac_lavishcoralbag013

Now for the fun part… THE EYES! I used Urban Decay’s Primer Potion on the lids to ensure the shadow stayed all day and didn’t crease. I then applied MAC’s Saddle eye shadow to the crease and blended well. I then used Makeup Geek’s shadow in Americano to darken the outer corner. Then packed on Urban Decay’s Half Baked to the rest of the lid. I finished it off with a touch of Benefit’s Show Off in Miss Moon in the inner corner, but this is sadly now discontinued. Such a beautiful loose gold pigment perfect for that inner sparkle to make the eyes pop.

Charlie had lash extensions on but still wanted something extra so we added some Eyelure lashes on top. I’m not sure on the number, but they weren’t too over the top.

Using Rimmel’s liquid eyeliner in WATERPROOF, (coz you know a bride’s gotta cry right lol!) I did a slight cat eye to elongate the eye.

I’ll insert the pictures I took down below. I think she looked ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Never seen her look so beautiful. Made me so proud to be her friend and also be the chosen one to do her make up on such a special day. Love you girl xxx


















My make up free weekend

I know what you’re thinking, “Makeup free weekend? Yeah? What’s the big deal?!” Well to ME it’s a big deal. My make up is my comfort blanket. My mask. I just don’t have the confidence to go out in public and let people see me as me.

All sorts of thoughts run through my head. “I bet he thinks I’m ugly”. “Is that lady looking at my dark circles?” “My eyes are too small and round”.

So I challenged myself to not wear it for the weekend.

Day 1- Saturday 15th October.


THIS. IS. ME. I actually feel a bit scared (I don’t know if scared is the word I’m looking for, but you get what I mean) to show my natural face. No mascara to open up my eyes, no foundation to cover any marks, no concealer to hide my dark circles. Just me.

On Saturday I offered to help my future sister in law out with looking after her kids while they moved house. So I drove there thinking “What if I stop at a red light and someone looks into the car and thinks “oh my gosh!!”. Next thought was “When I get to her house, what will she think of me as she probably hasn’t seen me with no make up on!”

I think my problem is I don’t like to be judged. People are used to seeing me a certain way and when they don’t, they’ll be shocked.

So later that day we had a trial of a French Bulldog as we’re thinking of getting one in the future. When the owner came round to drop him off, what would he think of my naked face!? I know you’re probably thinking “Surely she’s making this up?” I kid you not, I was thinking that. Obviously the man couldn’t give two shits about how I looked as he never met me before. So I just acted like nothing was wrong and chatted and smiled away with him.

Day 2- Sunday 16th.


Another make up free selfie. This day I was slightly more comfortable, still a bit un easy though. I drove my sister in law’s children back after having a little sleepover and thought, “Oh no, what will _______ think of my naked face!?” (I mean her husband) He has never seen me like this before and will probably think “Coorrr she’s ugly without make up!”

I then drove back home and waited until my boyfriend came back from work. We then went out shopping. For some reason I was a lot more relaxed about not having anything on. You could say I had finally felt comfortable in my own skin. It was almost like someone switched something in my head for me not to care as I browsed the aisles.

I really think this whole experiment has been a learning curve for me to love myself for who I am. I shouldn’t be ashamed that I have small round eyes or dark circles, or uneven skin. I think far too many people are striving for the perfect look when all along people actually prefer to see a natural beauty.

So I think I’m going to have my make up free weekends from now on. That way when I DO put it on, I feel special and pretty πŸ™‚ It also gave my skin a chance to BREATHE!

If you’re feeling like me, give it a go. It doesn’t have to be 2 days, you could start with one and see how you feel.

Thank you for reading.







How I Used To Wear My Make up

Oh gosh, this is going to be funny. I just LOVE looking back at old pictures. I think to myself “WHAT. WERE. YOU. THINKING?” But hay, that’s the beauty of it. We live and we learn (and we laugh lol)

So here are some blasts from the past!

The first one was from my prom when I was 16. I remember using my Mum’s old mascara and some crappy eyeshadow palette. And I’m proud to say that I drew on fake freckles back then in 2002! πŸ˜‰Β  To be honest, I don’t think I did a bad job ha! What’s going on with the eyebrows though?



This one was from 2003 when I was 17. Over plucked eyebrows and a heavy smokey eye. Why, oh WHY!? Guess I hadn’t heard of fake tan back then either lol!



Fast forward a few years to this- frosty pale pink lips, and white shimmery eye shadow. I was such a fan of white and brown eye shadow. Now I just cringe!



Ok, now I feel we’re getting somewhere…! A better smokey eye with a pop of shimmery white in the inner corner and this time I’ve done something about my eyebrows. Still kept the glossy pale pink lip though (Which I believe was a YSL Gloss in number 2- which has been discontinued)



Think this could be around the same time as I blatantly haven’t got over my obsession with white and brown eye shadow hahaha! Notice the blending, or should I say LACK OF! But this is great as we all have to start somewhere and we learn from our mistakes.



And lastly an example of how I do my face now. I know I’m still not 100% perfect, but I guess no one really is. I’ve come a long way since first starting out with make up back in my early teens. I actually think it’s something that should be taught in schools. Maybe literally the basics of colour matching foundations, etc.



I wonder if in a few years I’ll be doing another blog saying “Oh my god, why did I do my make up like that in 2016!?” As we get older I think our tastes change. I’ve been favouring the ‘less is more’ look recently as I feel too much can actually age a person.

Well that’s all from me. Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs. It really does mean a lot. x






















Doing my sister’s wedding make up

My twin sister recently got married in August and I did her make up for her. I was so honoured and excited to make her look beautiful for her special day. I’ll be honest, I’m always nervous when people ask me to do their make up for a wedding as it’s such a big day for them and you don’t want anything going wrong. *Queue liquid eyeliner not co-operating* lol. But all I needed was some self reassurance as I’ve been doing make up for over 10 years now and have had plenty of experience.

The day started at 6:30am when I woke up to my sister wide awake staring around the room. “Clare… I haven’t slept all night” she said with a huge cheesy grin!! “Really? At all?” I said. “Nope!” she said buzzing. Haha bless her she was so nervous. Up came room service and we all tucked into croissants, fruit, toast and tea.

I started on my own make up first as I knew I wanted to get that out the way first and spend loads of time on Kate and the bridesmaids. Below I have posted a pic of my make up. I just did my usual style of brown shadow and nude lips as we were wearing yellow dresses and wanted to keep it simple. I also did the other bridesmaid’s eyeshadow simple too. We all wore more or less the same style, but just adapted it to their colouring. I wish I had got picture’s of the other bridesmaid’s but everything was so hectic that morning that I completely forgot. Hopefully I will be able to use the official photographer’s photos with her permission.


Now for Kate’s make up. I applied Clinique’s Dramatically Different moisturiser to freshly cleansed skin and let that sink in for a good 2 minutes. Kate’s skin is VERY sensitive so I knew this would be perfect for her. I had spoken to her about foundation in the week’s leading up to the big day and she just wanted something that wouldn’t budge. So we went with Estee Lauder’s Doublewear. I said to her it would make her face appear paler in flash photography but she didn’t mind. She just wanted her foundation to last all day.

So with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, I buffed the foundation into her skin and slightly down her neck. I think a lot of people make this mistake of just stopping at the jawline. NO. Bring it down slightly to blend. I then used Maybelline’s Eye Eraser concealer in Light under her eyes with a damp beauty blender. I then set that with Laura Mercier’s translucent powder on a damp beauty blender to set the concealer and prevent creasing and printing of mascara. I heard from Mario Dedivanovic (Kardashian’s make up artist) that using your beauty blender damp when using powder will help the powder look more natural.

For brows I used Sleek’s eyebrow kit in Light with a hard angled brush. I set it with Sleek’s eyebrow gel so the hair’s stayed in place all day.

Then using my Real Technique’s Sculpting Brush and Sleek’s contour kit in light I gently contoured her cheekbones. Next I applied Bourjois blush in Corail Tentation to wake the skin up. This is a gorgeous peachy colour and suited her complexion perfectly. I finished off the skin with some highlighter from The Balm in the shade Mary Lou Manizer.

Kate had shown me examples of eyeshadow looks she liked the look of so just took inspiration from them. I first laid down a thin layer of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion to help eyeshadow last and prevent creasing throughout the day. Then I set that with a light layer of MAC’s Brule eyeshadow. The reason for this is so that when you put down your first shade, it will glide effortlessly and wont stick to the primer. So for the crease I used MAC’s Wedge shadow with a MAC 217 blending brush. This is a lovely light brown shade with a slight grey undertone. I then applied a tiny bit of MAC’s Saddle on top to give it some warmth. For the lash line I applied some YSL waterproof pencil liner and smudged that in, then set it with some black eyeshadow from Makeup Geek. I finished it off with some Shimma Shimma from Makeup Geek on the lid. Kate wore fake lashes from Eyelure but unfortunately I didn’t get the number of them. They were very natural and just added to her own lashes. Nothing over the top at all.

On the lips I used a Rimmel lip liner in the shade Tiramisu and YSL’s Rouge Volpute in number 2. Unfortunately this lipstick is now discontinued 😦

I’m not just saying this because she is my sister, but she truly looked STUNNING. I was so proud to call her my sister that day…



And her she is all dressed up. Love you sis! xxx







Favourite Social Media Makeup Artists

I LOVE Instagram. I LOVE YouTube. I LOVE pictures. I LOVE makeup!!

It’s a great place to show off your makeup skills, or simply follow people who inspire you, and love their work.

These are in no particular order (apart from Desi. She my number 1!!!!!!) My top 10 makeup artists I love and follow are-

  1. Desi Perkins. She is just my queen, my inspiration, my errythaaang!


2. Chrisspy. One of Desi’s makeup friends who has amazing makeup skills!


3. Teni Panosian. She prefers the more natural side to makeup, but isn’t afraid of a gorgeous smokey eye here and there.


4. Carli Bybel. Carli creates lots of unique different looks from natural to full on glam.


5. Jacyln Hill. A GODESS! Her makeup skills are out of this world! She comes second after Desi πŸ™‚


6. Evon Wahab. She is a very shy softly spoken girl who reminds me alot of Kendall Jenner!


7. Amrezy. She LOVES the full on glamour! Lots of lashes, lots of colour!


8. Tanya Burr. An English beauty blogger, YouTube artist, has her own makeup range, brought out a book. A real inspiration.


9. Patrick Starrr. I just LOVE his personality! He loves a lot of makeup and has great makeup skills.


10. Aurora makeup. Her eye looks are INSANE! A very talented lady!


Who are your favourite makeup artists of the social media world? Let me know below!


Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Uses

I’ve always heard of coconut oil, but never really thought of using it until I heard of ‘oil pulling’. Although this technique has been around for many many years, it’s become popular in the last few months since celebrities have been glorifying it.

It involves putting a small amount (1 teaspoon) of coconut oil in your mouth and swishing it around for 20 minutes to pull all the bacteria from your teeth. You then spit it out after the time has passed to remove toxins. This also has been known to whiten teeth and remove stains too!

What are other uses?

  • Cooking. Probably the most known use. Use instead of your usual oil. This will also infuse your cooking with a gorgeous taste.
  • Body lotion. Rub into skin, concentrating on dry areas. (Knees and elbows)
  • Eye makeup remover. Spread a small amount onto a cotton pad and use to remove mascara. It even works for waterproof!
  • Face makeup remover– Massage onto a dry face and rinse off with a foaming cleanser.
  • Suffer from dry frizzy hair? Rub a small amount inbetween your fingers/hands and apply to the ENDS of your hair.
  • Psoriasis or eczema– Helps to soothe dry painful skin.
  • Homemade face/lip scrub- Mix equal parts of sugar and cocnut oil and you have your very own cheap face scrub!
  • Tanning oil– It has a natural SPF of 4. (Use at your own risk)
  • Whitening toothpaste– Add in a small amount of baking soda for a natural whitening toothpaste.
  • Cuticles– Massage a small amount onto cuticles and gently push back skin with an orange stick.
  • Cleaning makeup brushes– When I have stubborn foundation that wont come out of a brush, I massage some oil deep into the bristles for about 10 seconds. Then rinse and wash with some washing up liquid to remove the oil. Don’t DROWN the brush in oil as this will only prove to be difficult to remove later.

Of course there are many more uses. You can search for these online. But these are the ones that I have thought of πŸ™‚

Have you tried coconut oil? What do you use it for? Comment below.